The SHBA offers a unified voice on industry issues. No one can afford to ''do it alone'' in an enterprise so vital to your region, so impacted by the global market, and so susceptible to the impact of public policy.

SHBA is proud to be the recognized leader in the home building industry and a major voice in the world of governmental affairs. SHBA also offers benefits that can save you money and enhance your business.

As a member driven organization, we encourage you to get involved in the activities of the Association. With your support, the SHBA will continue to represent your business and those of others in the local building industry. Join the Spokane Home Builders Association and become part of the industry that supports you!

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Three Associations to Represent You

Membership in the Spokane Home Builders Association includes membership in its two affiliated organizations, theBuilding Industry Association of Washington (BIAW) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). You receive publications and member benefits from all three Associations.

BIAW exists to unite those in the building industry in Washington State in their fight against a government that has made this industry the most regulated in the nation. BIAW also offers a variety of programs and services including return on industrial insurance, health insurance, legal, and safety assistance and education programs. BIAW represents over 12,000 companies in the home building industry in Washington State.

NAHB is a federation of 830 state and local associations representing more than 232,000 building industry professionals. NAHB's mission is to enhance the climate for housing and the building industry, and to promote policies that keep housing a national priority. Founded in 1942 and headquartered in Washington, DC, NAHB has grown to become the most influential housing industry trade association in the world.